The system design newsletter is a spin-off of this website.

I’m working on deep-dive content to help you become good at work and pass job interviews. But it will be available only to paid subscribers of the newsletter. Also I don’t know how long it will take to go live.

The subscription fee will be a lot higher than the current pledge fees after the content is live. So consider pledging now if you need access to deep dives at a lower price.

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I build this website because I want to publish the best book on system design and use this website as a channel to gather early feedback on the content.

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The motivations behind this website can be outlined as follows:

  • Identify the most important system design content for you

  • Simplify the complex system design concepts via illustrations and share them with you

  • Build a community of people who are interested in system design

This website is aimed at working professionals and students who would like to upskill in software architecture or crack the system design interviews. A few samples of the most popular posts are the following:


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